Docs, Features and Babbling

sbank Tutorial

There's now a tutorial for sbank; this is work-in-progress, but I'd be happy about any suggestions on how to expand it and what to focus on.

New IRClogs features

Also, I've been brushing up my IRClogs webapp recently; it now features:

  • Showing a configurable amount of context around search hits, so you can make more sense of search results without having to go back to the page for that day.

  • Matching phrases in the search results are now highlighted.

  • Each search result entry now links directly to the corresponding day-page entry.

See [this link]( rotty) (base-date "2009-08-07") IRClogs&c=5) for an example that shows off the features listed above. On the non-user-visible side, there's now support for gzipped logs, which saves a considerable amount of space, just gzip -9 the older log files — this should also work while the IRClogs server is running.

Ruby babbling

I'm using feed2imap to get all those RSS and Atom feeds into my beloved MUA. As I run spam filtering, and split incoming email into Maildir folders on a small server at home (in a setup involving SpamAssassin, Postfix and scmail) and serve those folders over IMAP (using Dovecot), I've decided to add Maildir support to feed2imap, so I no longer have to place my IMAP password in feed2imap's plain-text configuration file.

As feed2imap is implemented in Ruby, this has provided me the opportunity to get my feet wet (or rather moist) in this language. Having a good grip on Python and Scheme, my one-word summary so far would be: Unsurprising!.

If you're interested in the patch, have a watch on the bug report — I'll attach it there once it's in a reasonable shape.