Here you find information on (hopefully useful) free software programs I've contributed to, written by myself or wich I just find great.

Current projects

  • dn42-hrtk is a tool for parsing the dn42 registry and generating router daemon and DNS server configuration files from it.

Older projects

These are semi-abandoned, but are still worth a link, if I might say so myself:

Other useful stuff


Emacs, the extensible editor and kitchen sink. I read my mail with Emacs, do all my coding and writing with it and even use it to create this website. Emacs has lots of add-on packages that make it useful for a lot of text-oriented tasks. I find the following packages especially useful:

  • Gnus, a great news and mail client
  • Org-Mode, which I use for making up my homepage
  • ERC, an IRC client

There is a lot of useful stuff about Emacs itself and Emacs packages available at EmacsWiki.


After a long history of VCS switches (I touched all of CVS, SVN, GNU Arch, bzr, hg, git and darcs) I've now settled on git for my personal needs, after a longer afair with darcs, mainly because:

  • Good hosting solutions, which darcs lacks.
  • magit just rocks.
  • I like having more than one branch in a repo.
  • TopGit is very handy when dealing with multiple concurrent branches against a moving "upstream" repository.

I've self-hosted some projects, and some are available via github.