Here you can find papers and documents I've written on various topics This is old stuff, mostly related to my studies, and not really noteworthy.

Computer Science

  • Scripting iptables — A short article on solving problems of iptables shell scripts by replacing them with Scheme S-Expressions. Available as PDF.

  • Firewalls — An Introduction to Concepts and Implementation using Linux netfilter — PDF.

  • BSMP - Broadcast satellite multimedia protocol — Slides as PDF.

  • Concurrent Programming in Ada — Outlines the features Ada provides for concurrent programming. There is both a paper and slides.

  • Architecture of distributed Systems — An overview of distributed System architectures. Available as PDF.

  • Kurzeinführung in Python (in German) — A quite short introduction into the Python programming language. It is available as PDF.

  • XML Grundlagen (in German) — A short, basic overview of XML. I did this one together with Sebastian Riedl. The paper is available as PDF, as are the slides.


  • Integralrechnung (in German) — A basic Overview over mathematical Integration. I've written this for my high school exam, so don't expect anything fancy. Available as PDF.


  • Drugs and Addiction — Overview of drugs and their effects. I did this for my highschool exam. Available as PDF.